Our Alliances

Principled Learning Strategies has worked in connection with the following educational organizations for over a decade. Check out their important work!

PBLWorks (Formerly the Buck Institute for Education)

PBLWorks is dedicated to improving 21st Century teaching and learning throughout the world by creating and disseminating products, practices and knowledge for effective Project Based Learning (PBL).  PBLWorks contributes to Project Based Learning through product development, services, research, and online learning. PBLWorks publishes books and articles to support K-14 teachers in designing and implementing PBL. This includes free materials such as project planning forms, student handouts, rubrics, and articles for educators to download and use. PBLWorks also created curriculum units for high school Economics and U.S. Government courses, Project Based Economics and Project Based Government.  PBLWorks conducts introductory and advanced PBL workshops, provides instructional coaching, and consults with organizational leaders.  Further, PBLWorks partners on research projects to collect evidence about the effectiveness of PBL and advance knowledge about its use. PBLWorks provide access to studies and summaries of research on PBL practices and outcomes.  Finally, PBLWorks offers online resources including “how-to” videos and example projects, a Do-It-Yourself Tutorial, and a Project Search tool.

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The Institute of International Education (IIE)

Founded in 1919, the Institute of International Education is a private not-for-profit leader in the international exchange of people and ideas. In collaboration with governments, foundations and other sponsors, IIE creates programs of study and training for students, educators and professionals from all sectors. These programs include the flagship Fulbright Program and Gilman Scholarships administered for the U.S. Department of State. IIE also conducts policy research, provides resources on international exchange opportunities and offers support to scholars in danger.

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Centre for Global Education (CGE)

The Centre for Global Education is an entity of Edmonton public schools in Alberta, Canada, facilitating programming for over 10,000 students each year from every corner of the planet. With the philosophy of 100% engagement for 100% of students and unique approaches to multi-point video conferencing, CGE’s programming focuses on Peace and Global Education and Higher Level Learning and Research.  These programs seek to bring together students from around the world to learn about each other and the impact they can have on the world when they work together.  Programs such as the Four Nations Classroom and the Alberta Virtual Classroom partner as many as 12 schools simultaneously to study globally relevant issues with an eye on cross-cultural communication and collaborative education.

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Flat Connections

Flat connected learning is where all learners have freedom to communicate across borders rather than up or down – with no hierarchy. Through Flat Connections we:

  • Build futuristic global online classrooms without walls for learning to be personal, collaborative and challenge-based,
  • Provide platforms for learners to work together and co-create outcomes over a period of time,
  • Make positive change possible in the world through online global collaboration and action,
  • Design innovative programs to ensure success in global competence, intercultural awareness and digital fluency,
  • Aim to extend short global interactions and ‘show and tell’ creations into true co-creation of learning and actionable outcomes,
  • Provide the inspiration and support to build bridges between students that our future can walk across.

When learning is ‘flat’ then global becomes possible and collaborative legacies are created.

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We believe learning has no limits. All learners deserve access to quality education that prepares them to succeed in an increasingly global society.

Participate strives to be a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that empowers learners to engage with the world around them. As a proud B Corporation, we promise to support educators as they actively participate in learning communities, ignite change and create impact on a global scale.

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Sierra Leone Rising

Sierra Leone Rising is a non-profit organization that fosters quality education, supports female empowerment, and ensures public health safety in rural Sierra Leone.  Principled Learning Strategies is a partner for educational initiatives, including digital literacy (establishing computer labs, online training), providing teaching and learning materials (furniture, chalk, textbooks, scholarships), and helping to coordinate educational collaboration (pen pal exchanges, video conferencing and cultural studies). Collaborative educational partnerships have also engaged students in conversations and projects about female empowerment and public health.Schools that have partnered with Bumpe, Sierra Leone include the Town School for Boys, the Madeira School, Parish Episcopal School, the Oakwood School, Miss Porter’s, and the ISSN schools of Asia Society.  Please contact Jennifer directly if interested in developing an educational partnership (jennifer@principledlearning.org).

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TakingITGlobal (TIG)

TakingITGlobal (TIG) is an online social network for positive change — a community of youth who want to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and make an impact in their local and global communities.  TIG seeks to engage and empower young people around the world who are interested in making a difference by connecting them to each other, providing information about pressing global issues, and offering opportunities and resources to support leadership and activism.  Available in 12 languages, the award-winning site has reached 10 million young people worldwide since its launch in 2000, and has a dedicated membership of more than 295,000 individuals in over 200 countries.  The site offers information about more than 50 global issues, and contains pages for every country and territory in the world. TIG encourages self expression by offering an online art gallery, discussion boards, blog spaces, and a magazine written by TIG members.  It facilitates activism by allowing youth to organize projects and groups, create and sign petitions, make commitments, download action guides, get involved in public policy processes, and more.

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TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed)

In 2006, with the launch of TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed), TIG began to more directly support the work of global educators. TIGed allows educators to leverage the resources of the world’s most popular online community for youth who want to make a difference in ways that meet the needs of their learning environment. TIGed is a community of globally-minded educators interested in empowering their students to think and act as world citizens through resources that facilitate the inclusion of global perspectives in the classroom, virtual classrooms that allow students to engage in tech-enabled collaborative learning, e-courses designed to deepen and improve teacher practice in authentic global education, and more.

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The Center for Global Education at Asia Society: International Studies Schools Network

The International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) is a professional community of a growing number of K–12 schools around the United States. ISSN schools fully integrate global education across the curriculum through a unique combination of professional development, globally-focused curriculum tools, project-based learning, and authentic assessment. ISSN schools enjoy higher levels of student engagement and academic achievement; especially those in primarily socio-economically disadvantaged urban areas.

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World Leadership School

The mission of World Leadership School is to empower young leaders to find new and innovative approaches to the world’s most pressing problems.  We accomplish our mission by helping K-12 schools develop innovative global education programs, which include both international Service and Leadership Trips and Global Partnerships or distance learning programs between U.S. and international schools. The basis of our global education programs are long-term relationships between schools in different parts of the world.  We hold the following core beliefs:  We believe that global problems such as climate change, poverty and sub-standard education demand new and innovation solutions and styles of leadership; we believe that our community leaders overseas often embody these new solutions and styles of leadership; we believe that community immersion and service projects can form an effective platform for training young leaders, given the right approach; we believe that the best global education programs are built on the basis of long-term international relationships, not one-time trips.

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iEARN is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 140 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Over 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide.

iEARN International is registered as an NGO in Spain and has an international office in Callus, Spain.

Since 1988, iEARN has pioneered on-line school linkages to enable students to engage in meaningful educational projects with peers in their countries and around the world.

iEARN is:

  • a safe and structured environment in which young people can communicate
  • an opportunity to apply knowledge in service-learning projects
  • a community of educators and learners making a difference as part of the educational process

The iEARN Assembly is the decision-making body of iEARN International. The Assembly discusses and makes decisions on issues - both online throughout the year and at an annual meeting held in conjunction with the iEARN International Conference in July.

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